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A Tokyo Tea Pot (810 ml)

R 695,00
A traditional Japanese masterpiece made of premium cast Iron and used by Tea Masters for centuries. This authentic teapot comes complete with a timeless matching trivet and brews spectacular teas.

Cast Iron Black

R 495,00
Another verion of our classic Tokyo teapot. This black beauty is traditionally crafted cast iron and comes complete with matching trivet. Brews fabulous tea stylishly. Makes 2-3 cups.

    Cast Iron Grey

    R 495,00
    First cousin to that of our stylish black cast iron teapot, this gorgeus olive tinter is a traditionally crafted cast iron teapot and brews truly magnificent tea . Makes 2-3 cups.

      Glass Tea Pot (400ml)

      R 495,00
      A stylish glass teapot that showcases our magnificant full leaf teas as they unfurl in the pot. Sit back relax and watch some full leaf theatre. This teapot comes with a built in glass infuser and makes 1-2 delicious cups.

        Glass Tea Pot (800ml)

        R 495,00
        Showcase some naturally theatrical loose leaf tea with this contemporary glass teapot. Sit back, relax and enjoy a truly great cup of tea. This teapot comes with a built in glass infuser and makes 3-4 delicious cups.

          Glass Tea Stove

          R 395,00
          A truly gorgeous tea accessory that keeps your fabulous second cup of tea hot, right from the get go.