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Perfect Tea Spoon

This fabulous stainless steel teaspoon is the perfect gift or stylish add-on to your delicious Toni Glass tea collection. Measure the perfect dose of Toni Glass loose leaf tea to ensure the ultimate cup, every time.

A Fresh Brew Ice Tea Jug

This contemporary and delicious looking Ice tea jug is made from quality Japanese tempered glass that makes fresh brewed Ice tea in just a few minutes. This quality jug can literally go from boiling hot to freezing cold without any breakage! Simply add your delicious Toni Glass tea leaves to the gorgeous jug, pour boiling water directly over the leaves (or as instructed for the different types of teas) and then leave it to steep for the required time (see tea pack for specific details), sweeten with honey if necessary and then just add ice cubes. It’s now ready to pour. The gorgeous tea strainer that doubles up as a lid will catch the tea leaves as you pour. Your fresh and vibrant Toni Glass brew is now ready to go! Enjoy in style.
  • Size: 1500 mls
  • Gauteng Ladies (800 mls)

    These contemporary stainless steel teapots (with built in stainless steel infusers), are a fantastic and easy way to make and serve our delicious Toni Glass Loose Leaf Tea. Creating contemporary tea drinkers everywhere!
  • Capacity: 800 mls