About us

We have travelled incredibly long and far in pursuit of the very best tea the world has to offer. We have tried to emulate the true ancient masters of this age-old art form. The Toni Glass Collection is a remarkable infusion of both tradition and new age tea drinking. We are the perfect blend of modern sophistication and style coupled with the true legacy of the leaf. All our teas are the finest full leaf teas and have been hand selected to create an ensemble of flavour. Our gourmet teas are not only unique but offer a truly impressive selection for the entire spectrum of palates.

Our collection can be enjoyed as a traditional loose leaf tea or as a silken bag offering. Each tea bag is housed in its own individual designer box offering a further dimension to this poly-sensual tea drinking experience. Make no mistake, this is by no means your ordinary cup of tea, our focus is on the ultimate tea experience where we trace the path from picking to pouring. We offer both local and international blends and have been referred to as “The Bentley of tea.”