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Matcha Gift Set

R 750,00 R 600,00
An ancient and super premium Japanese tea that has been the favoured beverage of the Zen Buddhist monks for over 800 years. Naturally bright green & full of goodness, this steamed green tea is rich in antioxidants, amino acids and caffeine. Kick-start your day with ourToni Glass Matcha. Go Green and live your best life!
Product includes: Matcha Bowl, Matcha Whisk Holder, Matcha Scoop, Matcha Whisk, 30g Matcha and 5 Matcha Recipes.

16-Piece Gift Pack

R 145,00 R 115,00
Created for those individuals that want to share our delicious full leaves. A perfect 16-piece gift set, beautifully presented, with our famous Tea Legend, containing an assortment of 16 different flavours.

    48-Piece Gift Set

    R 395,00 R 325,00
    48 great ways to indulge! This absolutely elegant and contemporary gift set is perfect for any special occasion. Treat someone awesome to this set of 48 fabulous assorted teas. A selection of 16 popular flavours.

      Chocolate Mint

      R 149,00 R 119,00
      A popular after dinner treat that combines quality Black tea with chocolate flavour and fresh brisk peppermint leaves.
      • Origin: Kenya
        • Mass 100g
        • Steep time: 5 minutes
        • Body: Medium/Full
        • Water Temperature: 100°C
        • No. of Servings: 44 servings packaged in craft brown bag.

      Tropical Cocktail

      R 149,00 R 119,00
      A perfect tropical elixir of organic rooibos, hibiscus, rosehips and an assortment of succulent berries. This brews a rich red infusion that is sweet and slightly tart. Enjoy it hot or on ice.
      • Origin: South Africa
        • Mass 100g
        • Steep time: 5 minutes
        • Body: Medium
        • Water Temperature: 100°C
        • No. of Servings: 44 servings packaged in craft brown bag.

      Glass Tea Pot (400ml)

      R 350,00 R 250,00
      A stylish glass teapot that showcases our magnificent full leaf teas as they unfurl in the pot. Sit back, relax and watch some full leaf theatre. This teapot comes with a built in glass infuser and makes 1-2 delicious cups.